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Analyst reports

»  IDC: Scale-up servers: Mainstays of the Datacenter
»  Alinean: The Business Value of HP–UX 11i: HP-UX 11i on Integrity Servers vs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Dell Servers (PDF)
»  Cambridge Consulting: HP Integrity Servers: The Foundation of Mission Critical Computing (PDF, 557 KB)
»  Redefining the Entry-Server Landscape with HP Integrity rx3600 and rx6600 Servers
»  IDC Insight: Customer Perceptions of the Future of Itanium
»  The Microprocessor Report: Intel© Itanium® 2 "Montecito" processor wins Best Server Processor award (PDF, 725KB)
»  More Analyst reports


»  HP/Intel® co-sponsored blueprint: financial architects & SQL-64 - 2003 (PDF, 771KB)
»  HP/Intel® co-sponsored blueprint: AmBeo 64 & Oracle64 on UX - 2003 (PDF, 810KB)


»  HP Integrity server family guide (PDF)
»  HP-UX 11i on HP Integrity servers brochure
»  HP Integrity systems - What if you could make computing simpler, more reliable, and flexible -- with a better return on investment
»  HP Integrity servers are the right choice to replace legacy Sun systems 2005 (PDF, 75KB)
»  Managing your HP Virtual Server Enviroment for HP Integrity and HP 9000 servers
»  HP OpenVMS - exceeding the expectations of the world's most demanding enterprises
»  HP-UX 11i overview brochure
»  More Brochures

Data sheets

»  HP Integrity Superdome Server data sheet
»  HP Integrity rx8640 Server data sheet
»  HP Integrity rx8620 Server data sheet
»  HP Integrity rx7640 Server data sheet
»  HP Integrity rx7620 Server data sheet
»  HP Integrity rx6600 Server data sheet
»  HP Integrity rx4640 Server data sheet
»  HP Integrity rx3600 Server data sheet
»  HP Integrity rx2660 Server data sheet
»  HP Integrity rx2620 Server data sheet
»  HP Integrity rx1620 Server data sheet
»  HP-UX 11i v3 data sheet
»  HP Super-Scalable Processor Chipset sx2000 data sheet
»  Microsoft Windows Server 2003 for HP Integrity Servers - Data sheet
»  HP Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 2 management processor for entry-class servers data sheet
»  HP-UX 11i overview datasheet (PDF, 109KB)
»  Linux® on Midrange and High-end HP Integrity Servers  (PDF, 61KB)
»  OpenVMS version 8.3 for HP Integrity servers and HP AlphaServer systems
»  More Data sheets

Solution Brief

»  HP Integrity servers and Business Intelligence solution brief
»  HP Integrity rx8620-32 Server running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 supports record number of Siebel 7.7 users (PDF, 100 KB)
»  HP Process Resource Manager overview
»  HP-UX Workload Manager overview

HP Books

Strategic books

»  Itanium Rising: Breaking Through Moore's Second Law of Computing Power by Jim Carlson and Jerry Huck, (a Prentice Hall book)
»  The Business and Economics of Linux and Open Source by Martin Fink, (a Prentice Hall Book)

Technical books

»  Linux on HP Integrity Servers: A System Administrator' Guide by HP Solution Architect and Linux/Unix expert Marty Poniatowski (a Prentice Hall book)


»  Work smarter. Sleep better
»  HP Integrity server family: Building blocks for business
»  Royal London: Consolidation with flexible reliability
»  Chevron Corporation: Fueling growth
»  The Real Story: HP Integrity servers: The facts you need to know
»  HP Integrity servers: Evolution of IT solutions
»  HP Systems Insight Manager: HP Integrity Essentials

White papers

»  Business practices for HP OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers
»  Delivering high availability and disaster tolerance in a multi-operating-system HP Integrity server environment
»  HP-UX Workload Manager overview
»  HP Process Resource Manager overview
»  HP iLO and iLO2 technical white paper
»  HP Integrity rx1620, rx2620, rx4640 Server white paper
»  How to Integrate Tibco Enterprise Message Service and BEA WebLogic on HP-UX 11i v2 Operating Environment: Designed for Tibco EMS 4.0 and BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 for HP Integrity Servers (PDF, 654 KB)
»  HP OpenVMS Cluster support on HP Integrity Servers 
»  HP sx2000 chipset white paper
»  HP zx2 chipset technical white paper
»  HP zx2 RAS technical white paper
»  IDC: Scalable Windows Servers for the Datacenter
»  Intel Itanium-based midrange servers from HP--The HP Integrity rx7640 and rx8640 Servers
»  Introducing HP Integrity Virtual Machines (PDF) 
»  Oracle9i R2 database migration from PA-RISC to the Intel Itanium architecture (PDF, 168 KB)
»  Overview of the HP Integrity rx2660, rx3600, and rx6600 Servers
»  Meet the HP Integrity Superdome with the new HP Super-Scalable Processor
»  More White Papers
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